Andres Varela in a nutshell

I built the UK's first online shopping mall, developed intranets for AT&T and inhouse portals for companies you've never heard of. I helped to build and market global online lotteries in Liechtenstein, raising millions for the Red Cross, and did more conventional work for global brands (for which he picked up a D&AD nomination) while establishing Lowe Group's first digital studio.

I came to Singapore a few years ago, as first hire, to establish a software R&D team building a cutting edge risk management platform, on technology 10-20 years ahead of the competition. That done, my role as "extra brain in the room" (the only generalist among specialists) took me through the adoption of agile, lean and design-thinking methodologies while juggling roles from general manager, to product owner, business development, digital marketing and PR.

A safe pair of hands, trusted by clients and throughout the organisation as we expanded from a small single-project team to become a consultancy with over 150 employees in 3 countries.

Turning down the offer to move with my CEO to our new London office, and leaving Leo Tech instead is probably the hardest choice I've made in my career. But I wouldn't have done it if I didn't believe there were plenty of interesting opportunities here in Asia. Let me know if you have a specific one in mind.

Or if you'd prefer to do some light stalking first, you can find me on LinkedIn, tweeting up a storm about one thing or another via @andresvarela or fooling around with my current side-project