Andres Varela in a nutshell

With a career working throughout Europe and SE Asia, I'm most easily aligned with senior Product, COO and Chief of Staff roles.

I came to Singapore over 10 years ago as GM and first hire for a software platform, which after launch I helped pivot to become a venture builder, working and investing in startups around the region. During my time there we grew from a team of 5 to 150 with satellite offices in London and Myanmar.

My career began when I built the UK's first shopping mall and I've been alomst exclusively digital ever since. As GM at Leo Tech, and later when as a consultant I helped establish a Singapore office for a UK software house, my primary mission has been to keep the 'knuckleheaded stuff' off the CEO's desk. Beyond the trivia, I'm trusted to maintain the natural cadence of the business and special projects which can distract them from the tasks that only they can do.

Away from digital, in my most recent role as Research Operations Director for a Series C biotech, my role was to let the scientists get on with worldclass cancer research while I took on ongoing and one-off projects to handle the 'other stuff'.

A safe pair of hands -running a tight ship while others steer it.

Let me know if you have something specific in mind.

Or if you'd prefer to do some light stalking first, you can find me on LinkedIn.